It’s a timeless scene etched into the minds of film lovers across the world — the red carpet at the Oscars — a breathtaking display of Hollywood’s brightest talent wearing ensembles designed by fashion’s biggest names. It’s a visual spectacle. It’s also a platform for celebrities to promote important social topics. In 2009, actress, philanthropist, and MUSE School co-founder Suzy Amis Cameron saw a golden, or perhaps green, opportunity to introduce her sustainable fashion initiative to a global audience on the famed Oscars red carpet. Red Carpet Green Dress was born to promote a revenue/fundraising stream for MUSE School in Calabasas, CA.

The Academy Awards

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) is a sustainable fashion campaign connecting influential stakeholders across the industry. Through ongoing dialog and events, RCGD promotes the important topic of sustainable fashion and challenges the industry to embrace sustainable design practices, especially for the Red Carpets. Each year for the Oscars, RCGD asks world-renowned designers to create eco-friendly looks for the red carpet. These ensembles are then worn on the red carpet by celebrities specifically selected by RCGD because of their passion for sustainable fashion. This year, Laura Harrier of BlacKkKlansman fame and Danielle Macdonald, from the two Netflix hits Bird Box and Dumplin’, have been selected. Proceeds from the initiative benefit MUSE School.

Red Carpet Green Dress

But according to MUSE School co-founder Rebecca Amis, the partnership between RCGD and MUSE extends beyond philanthropy and also inspires MUSE students to take actions in their own lives in order to live more sustainably.

Suzy Amis Cameron at Red Carpet Green Dress

“MUSE School fosters learning from both an academic and environmental perspective; we are proud that we instill in our students this strong sense of environmental responsibility. Along with a student-centered curriculum that promotes self-efficacy, process communication and socioeconomic development, students are encouraged at all grade levels to pursue a passion of their choosing. With their passions in-hand, RCGD inspires so many of our students, and they look forward to the annual event. Some are even exploring their own design talents by creating their own sustainable fashion lines!

And indeed, the connection between RCGD and MUSE has deepened each year since inception. For the 2019 Oscars two MUSE 8th graders, Frankie McNulty and Alani, will be speaking at a pre-award event dinner honoring the RCGD initiative. These students have embarked on a unique journey into the realm of sustainable fashion, and are given daily class time to work on their projects. While Alani focuses on upcycling and beautifying second-hand items, Frankie has started his own sustainable fashion line called Good Soles, and has even partnered with a sustainable lifestyle brand called Recover, a brand which sells 100% recycled t-shirts and apparel made from discarded water bottles and cotton.

Good Soles

Frankie’s clothing line, “Good Soles.”

So what inspires two 8th graders to tackle an issue of global complexity? “Because of the huge impact it makes. You are making and designing something while helping others and giving back to the planet as well,” says Frankie. And for Alani, it’s about breathing new life into discarded items. “I love making something that is considered garbage and not useful to one person, but useful to other people. I love making old things beautiful again.”

Upcycled Clothing by Alani

Reimagined, upcycled Clothing by Alani.

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