MUSE Schools are 100% plant based

Our commitment to plant-based food is called “One Meal a Day (OMD) for the Planet.”

Each day, our MUSE Kitchen staff prepare 100% plant-based lunches and snacks for the MUSE community. Our transition to a plant-based meal program is based upon MUSE’s commitment to sustainability. Food choice is the most efficient way to reduce our global footprint. MUSE works towards being a zero-waste community. We see the waste we generate as an opportunity for innovation and education.


All students at MUSE understand and can speak to the OMD! mission of the school.

Did you know...

Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all of transportation combined. Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of deforestation, extinction, and dead zones in the ocean.


You may ask yourself, “What can I do to help the planet?

By eating plant-based meals, you can save water and carbon emissions annually.

Eat 1 Plant-Based Meal a Day

By eating one plant-based meal a day, you’ll save 194,667 gallons of water and 772 pounds of carbon emissions annually.

Eat 2 Plant-Based Meals a Day

By eating two plant-based meals a day, you’ll save 389,344 gallons of water and 1,543 pounds of carbon emissions annually.

Eat 3 Plant-Based Meals a Day

By eating three plant-based meals a day, you’ll save 584,001 gallons of water and 2315 pounds of carbon emissions annually.

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