Attending college in an urban environment offers vigorous cultural life, excellent internship opportunities, and access to all kinds of communities (beyond other 18 to 22 year-old college students.) It also requires learning the ins and outs of public transportation, being “city-safe,” as well as finding peace and quiet from time to time. There are many ways to go to college in a city or, as they say on the East Coast, “THE city”…

My travels last week began in Manhattan where I visited the New School, specifically the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. Full-time undergrad enrollment is about 1,300; average class size is 16. This means that inside the expanse of NYC, students still enjoy a close community. Most of the campus—dorms, classrooms, studios, and administration–is located in one very cool and upscale Greenwich Village Block. The area is full of coffee shops, delicious and affordable international restaurants , and student-friendly haunts. When they are not studying, most students have part-time jobs or internships.

Next stop: Fordham University, another city-central college experience. The campus I visited is right next to Lincoln Center; the other—Rose Hill, is 30 minutes away by train in the Bronx; students can take classes at both locations. My tour guide, Sammy, just happened to be from Orange County, and she told me that after New York and Massachusetts, California comes in third place as the home state of enrollees. Fordham has a beautiful green space, two levels above the street. Full-time undergrad enrollment is much larger than the New School: around 8,000.

Another way to have the undergrad New York City experience: Hofstra University—on Long Island, 30 minutes away by train. As you will see from the photo, LA and environs is dear to the heart of Lisa, the SOCAL college representative. Hofstra has more majors than most much larger schools, and my student tour guide told me “What is great here is that you can have broad majors like Economics or more specific majors like Business Economics.” Under grad Enrollment is 8,500. Student faculty ratio: 14 to 1.

So NYC schools come in many shapes and sizes, and MUSE students would certainly be likely to find a “fit.” PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS! Looking forward to sharing more details when I return. (The representatives from these schools will be visiting MUSE in fall 2018!)

Next up: Cornell, Skidmore, Bennington, Landmark.