The ethical fashion campaign’s 10th annual pre-Oscars event featured speaking presentations from students of the innovative, sustainable California school

LOS ANGELES – February 22, 2019 – Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD), a campaign founded by Suzy Amis Cameron to benefit MUSE School in California while promoting sustainable fashion practices on the red carpet, kicked off its 10th anniversary pre-Oscars celebration on February 21 with presentations from two MUSE School eighth graders at an exclusive Beverly Hills location.

“MUSE School fosters learning from both an academic and environmental perspective, and we are proud that we instill in our students this strong sense of environmental responsibility,” Amis Cameron said. “Along with a student-centered curriculum that promotes self-efficacy, process communication and social-emotional development, students are encouraged at all grade levels to pursue a passion of their choosing. Some, inspired by RCGD, are even exploring their own design talents by creating their own sustainable fashion lines.”

Frankie McNulty and Alani, two eighth grade students at the award-winning Calabasas school, spoke about their own ventures into ethical fashion at a pre-Oscars gathering honoring RCGD’s milestone year. Alani began upcycling second-hand clothing and reimagining new life for tossed away items, and McNulty has launched his own fashion line, Good Soles, featuring 100 percent recycled clothing made from repurposed cotton and plastic bottles.

“The ability to correct the course of our planet begins with educating our children,” said Rebecca Amis, cofounder of MUSE School and chief innovation officer of MUSE Global. “Frankie and Alani are just two examples of the hundreds of bright, wonderful MUSE students taking action for the environment, and we are so grateful for the work RCGD has done to make this invaluable education possible for so many.”

MUSE School recently launched MUSE Global, an international franchise system making their passion-based and child-centered education model available for educators and investors around the world. MUSE Global offers 100 percent organic, plant-based lunch programs and specialized courses such as Seed-to-Table to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle among students.

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About Red Carpet Green Dress

Red Carpet Green Dress is an internationally recognized organization that combines the worlds of fashion and sustainability. Currently in its 10th year, the campaign was conceived by Suzy Amis Cameron, environmental advocate, actress and author of “OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet.” Her hope is to draw attention to the importance of more sustainable practices in fashion by challenging designers from around the world to think about fashion in an eco-friendly context. The campaign also raises funds for MUSE School CA, a non-profit educational organization that Amis Cameron co-founded with her sister Rebecca Amis, in Calabasas, California. To learn more about Red Carpet Green Dress, please visit

About MUSE Global and MUSE School

MUSE Global is an international child-centered educational system offering effective, innovative and passion-based learning experiences within a plant-based, sustainable environment. Founded in 2006 as MUSE School by James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, the school quickly grew to two campuses and has now launched MUSE Global, an international franchise system dedicated to sharing its vision of educating and inspiring our future leaders to live consciously with themselves, with one another and with the planet. To learn more about MUSE Global, enrollment and franchise opportunities, please visit


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