CALABASAS, Calif.Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MUSE Global, an innovative early childhood education program founded by Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, today announced the official location of their first school franchise, MUSE Global School Redwood City, owned by Bay Area residents Goly Casey and John Casey.

The school will be located at 1718 Broadway Street, one block from downtown Redwood City and walking distance to CalTrain. Meet-and-greets with prospective families will begin taking place this February, at which time the owners will begin accepting pre-enrollment applications. Various informational events will be held throughout spring and summer, in addition to an official ribbon cutting ceremony attended by community members, the Redwood City Chamber of Commerce, and MUSE Co-founders Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis. School will officially begin on Sept. 9, 2020.

The news comes after Suzy Amis Cameron’s appearance on Super Soul Sunday last month, which inspired Oprah Winfrey to embark on a 30-day challenge to eat one plant-based meal each day, as outlined in Amis Cameron’s book, The OMD Plan: Swap One Meal a Day to Save Your Health and Save the Planet. The One Meal A Day (OMD) for the Planet concept originated at MUSE’s flagship school through MUSE Global’s CEO, Jeff King. OMD is a core tenant of the school’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and a driving force behind the decision to expand the MUSE education model globally.

John Casey, Co-owner of MUSE Global School Redwood City, shared that, “Our Bay Area community is yearning for an education model that teaches children about our planet, and our increasingly urgent and essential role in protecting it.”

Co-owner and Director Goly Casey added, “From my extensive experience running preschools, I know first-hand how crucial early childhood education is – and MUSE Global provides a framework that is precisely what the children of today, and leaders of tomorrow, require to be successful in this ever-evolving world we live in.”

John Casey is the Senior Manager for Partner Education and Consumer Engagement at a major tech company, connecting brand advocates with novel technology through educational content, while Goly Casey currently owns a family-owned, private preschool in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Bringing the MUSE Global School model to the Bay Area was a dream come true for my sister, Suzy, and me, that quickly became a reality through a natural progression and clear alignment of values between ourselves and the Caseys,” said Rebecca Amis, President of MUSE Global and Co-Founder of MUSE School in Calabasas. “We look forward to seeing the incredible strides that they will surely make within the community and are grateful to have found these wonderful partners.”

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About MUSE Global
MUSE Global is an international education system offering effective, innovative, and passion-based learning experiences within a plant-based, sustainable environment. Founded in 2006 by sisters Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, the flagship MUSE School in Calabasas quickly grew to two campuses, now with over 200 students. In the summer of 2018, MUSE Global was born – an international franchise model dedicated to sharing its vision of inspiring and preparing our future leaders to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet. To learn more about MUSE Global and its franchise opportunities, please visit

Anjelica Price-Rocha
Director of Public Relations, MUSE Global