VOL. 2 | APRIL 13, 2020

Hello! I am pleased to share with you the second iteration of our Virtual Learning update. Last week, the students from our flagship MUSE School CA returned from spring break, and we’re grateful to be able to share with you how our remote learning program is leading the way in these uncertain times. 

Sharing a snapshot below of last week’s virtual learning journey – we hope it brings you hope for the many opportunities and possibilities that are available through our proven, innovative approach to education, and the power of expanding this model across the world through MUSE Global franchises. 

We sincerely hope that you and your families are safe and well during this time, and that MUSE Global can serve as a source of inspiration, and a path to a positive future for our children. 

In warmth and gratitude, 
Rebecca Amis – MUSE School CA & MUSE Global


Maintaining connectedness

Our teachers continue to use Zoom for Education as our remote learning video platform. Above is a snapshot from our flagship’s Early Kindergarten class, where co-teachers Randi Kearney and Ashley Garretson guided students through a lesson on caterpillar life cycles. The children then created their own lifecycle chart using various materials, and proudly shared their work with fellow classmates. 

Randi shared that, “I think that the sense of preparedness and the way in which MUSE so quickly got the ball rolling on remote classrooms helped our youngest children ease into this transition. Teachers started their very first day modeling confidence and excitement for this new venture, and I believe the attitude was contagious. Parents and students, alike, joined in with an overall attitude of positivity and excitement. I also believe our constant focus on children being Open, Resourceful, and Persistent helps the children prepare for the inevitable challenges in life.”

What MUSE parents are saying about our virtual learning plan…


“I am so grateful for you and how you’re bringing the kids together, continuing their learning through all of this, with ease and fun and just going above and beyond. It means a lot to us.”

 – Stephanie Greenquist, Kinder Parent

“We are so very grateful for all of your hard work, flexibility and adaptation in such a wild scenario! The transition to virtual learning seemed to go off without a hitch from our perspective…you guys didn’t miss a beat! Bobby and I both feel that the opportunity for our children to connect virtually to their peers and teachers is invaluable. The virtual learning experience has offered a sense of normalcy and routine that is much needed right now. We are filled with gratitude for your love and warmth that is felt in real life despite the screens.” 

 – Courtney & Robert Konuch, Early Childhood & Kinder Parents

“Thank you so much for these resources! You have all been so wonderful during these times. From the virtual classes, to the constant contact, to just checking in. I truly appreciate everyone at MUSE. Thank you for going above and beyond for our kiddos. You guys are awesome!” 

 – Jessica Suarez, Early Kinder Parent


New series: ‘Hope in the wake of COVID-19’ 

Our thoughts on how MUSE’s education model offers a path to hope amidst the current global health crisis. Our first few pieces are focused on hopeadaptabilityjoy, and gratitude. Follow along for inspiration!

Snapshots of our future – the MUSE changemakers 

Throughout this virtual learning journey, MUSE families are adding to a Google Photo stream to capture moments of learning and joy as students continue to engage with their education. We leave you with some snaps below. Enjoy!