VOL. 1 | MARCH 2020

Hello from Rebecca Amis and the MUSE Global team. I am grateful to share some insights into MUSE’s transition to virtual learning as we continue to ever-evolve in this time of uncertainty. We sincerely hope you and your families are safe, healthy, and finding moments of peace amidst it all. 

Preparedness is, and always has been, the name of the game for MUSE. When our surrounding neighborhood was engulfed by the Woolsey Fires in 2018, our organization quickly mobilized and adapted; and the students, with their innate self-efficacy skills, quickly jumped into their virtual learning plans. No matter the reason to adapt – new educational research, climate change, natural disasters, or our current public health crisis – MUSE anticipates that the crucial nature of being prepared and nimble (in other words, adaptable) ensures their ability to pivot accordingly, and thrive even in the most uncertain of circumstances.

Our virtual learning approach

As our CEO, Jeff King, began to receive more data surrounding COVID-19 this February, he started assembling teachers and administrators to prepare and devise a virtual learning plan, far before our school took operations online. And I (Rebecca), worked closely with our teachers to help re-shape learning plans that would translate for our students, particularly those in our ECE program. Suffice it to say, by the time last Monday came around, our students didn’t skip a beat. 

We’re humbled and grateful to our teachers, and students, for their embodiment of MUSE’s ‘ever-evolving’ mindset. Sharing a snapshot from last week’s virtual learning journey – we hope it brings you hope, and motivation, for what we can do to ensure children all over the world are educated to be conscious, adaptable and empowered individuals through the MUSE Global franchise model.

In warmth and gratitude,
Rebecca Amis – MUSE School CA Co-Founder & MUSE Global President


Maintaining connectedness

Each of MUSE’s teachers are utilizing Zoom for Education, an online classroom video platform, during this period of virtual learning. Zoom’s Pro version provides an unlimited video meeting duration and innovative virtual classroom features, including digital whiteboarding, video breakout rooms, group chats, and hand-raising capabilities. Teachers have also been sending daily update e-mails to families on lesson plans, activities, and projects to keep everyone in-the-know. 

What MUSE parents are saying about our virtual learning plan…

New series: ‘Hope in the wake of COVID-19’ 

Our thoughts on how MUSE’s education model offers a path to hope amidst the current global health crisis. Read our blog article here. 

Snapshots of our future – the MUSE changemakers 

Throughout our virtual learning process, families are adding to a Google Photo stream to capture these unique, but priceless, memories of their children’s virtual learning experience. We leave you with some snaps below – these photos certainly warm our hearts, and give us hope.