The MUSE Global Newsletter

VOL. 2 | OCTOBER 2019


Welcome to our newsletter. Each month, we will share important happenings in the realm of MUSE Global – our newest venture focused on expanding the MUSE School model across the globe. Please share, engage, and follow along at @museglobaled.

We’re on Oprah!

This past Sunday, our wonderful founder, Suzy Amis Cameron, was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on the acclaimed Super Soul Sunday series. When discussing MUSE in the interview, Oprah said to Suzy, “This is the kind of school you dream of.” We couldn’t agree more– and appreciate all of your support as we’ve ventured into the MUSE Global arm of our organization, making this education model available to communities everywhere. To view the full episode, click here.

MUSE Global Series: #MyMUSEStory

To continue with our #MYMUSEStory series, we caught up with two wonderful women this month to hear how the MUSE philosophy has impacted them, and their children, in a lasting and meaningful way.

Article: Self-Efficacy on Steroids

Our College Counselor, Kirsten Wasson, sat down with MUSE School graduate Tania Nasrollahi to speak about her non-linear, yet inspiring and self-efficacy fueled path toward UCLA, where she is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology.

Read the article on our blog, which offers a telling account of how MUSE’s 5 pillars helped a student navigate the trials and tribulations of post-high school life with courage and tenacity.

Rebecca Visits Franchisees in SF

Rebecca visited our first MUSE Global School franchisees, John and Goly Casey, to spend time at their new school site in the SF Bay Area. Stay tuned for an announcement on the school’s location (coming very soon)! Enrollment is slated to begin in early 2020, with the school opening next September.