The MUSE Global Newsletter

VOL. 7 | MARCH 2020

Hello! It’s hard to believe that we’re already in March, but we have so much to be excited about as we get closer to spring and summer months. I’m pleased to share some updates with you as we continue in our journey toward expanding the MUSE education model. Suzy and I were very honored to be featured as the February cover story for Raise Vegan Magazine – information below on how to grab your copy! As always, thank you for your support, and please continue to engage and follow along at @museglobaled.

In gratitude, 
Rebecca Amis, President of MUSE Global & Co-Founder of MUSE School CA


Raise Vegan 


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Rebecca Presents at SHIFT 

Rebecca presented at Hinge Broker’s SHIFT Childcare Leaders Conference in Miami, where she shared MUSE’s innovative, future-focused school franchise with fellow education thought leaders. MUSE Global also sponsored a plant-based lunch following her presentation – needless to say, the food was a hit! 



Leyla, a kindergartener at MUSE’s flagship school, is a shining example of our mission: inspiring children to live consciously with one another and the planet. Check out our latest blog post that details the development of Leyla’s passion: saving the planet. 

Mindbody-green Event

 Our team attended mindbodygreen’s ‘Future of Food and Well-Being’ event, where co-founders Colleen and Jason Wachob spoke with nutrition expert Kelly LeVeque about the shifts she’s observing with respect to a more plant-forward, sustainability-focused lifestyle. 

P.S. I wanted to share this recent article from Brookings Institute, titled ‘Roadblocks to quality education in a time of climate change.’ The piece is incredibly powerful, and aligns beautifully with MUSE Global’s mission to expand our education model rooted in environmental consciousness and sustainability.

P.P.S. Leaving you with some snaps below from a recent photoshoot at MUSE Prime. ‘Til next time!