The MUSE Global Newsletter

VOL. 5 | January 2020





Hello and happy new year! We hope everyone’s new year is off to a fantastic start – we’re feeling invigorated and excited for all that’s to come in 2020 and beyond. I’m happy to share some updates in our world, including some great press we’ve received, a few insightful blog posts, as well as upcoming events. And, I’m super excited to begin sharing on a monthly basis the countdown to Redwood City’s grand opening! As always, please share, engage, and follow along at @museglobaled to stay up-to-date on all things MUSE Global. Here’s to a productive, purposeful month ahead.

Rebecca Amis
President of MUSE Global & Co-Founder of MUSE School CA


January: Countdown to Redwood City Grand Opening

Co-owners John and Goly Casey are hitting the ground running with MUSE Global School Redwood City! Phase one of renovations are underway at the school site (1718 Broadway), and applications and meet and greets for founding families will begin in February. Congratulations to our incredible franchisees for all the great momentum. Stay tuned for monthly updates on their progress! 

#MyMUSEStory: EK Teacher Ashley Garretson

“The best time to teach children anything is in the first five years of their life, because that’s when they’re sponges.” Catch Ashley’s full interview on the blog.

Purposeful Passion: MUSE High Schooler Kim Sanchez’ Inspiring Story

Meet Kim Sanchez – a shining example of how MUSE’s education model fosters empowered, change-making, future-focused individuals. Full article on the blog.


  •  Feb. 6 – Annual Red Carpet Green Dress hosted by Suzy Amis Cameron (invite-only)
  • Feb. 8-11 – MUSE Global team attending International Franchise Association Conference in Orlando
  • Feb. 20 – Rebecca will be speaking at SHIFT 2020 Childcare Leaders Conference in Miami

  • Also next month – Rebecca and Suzy will be featured as the cover story for Raise Vegan magazine!