The MUSE Global Newsletter

VOL. 6 | FEBRUARY 2020





Hello! I can’t believe we’re already two months into 2020. Our year has been off to a busy start and I’m excited to share with you all the exciting happenings in our world. As with last month, we’re sharing monthly updates on our MUSE Global Redwood City location as a countdown to their grand opening. And, we’re also including a roundup of all the podcasts we’ve been a part of – we hope you tune in! As always, please share and follow along at @museglobaled to stay up-to-date on all things MUSE Global. 

In gratitude, 

Rebecca Amis President, of MUSE Global & Co-Founder of MUSE School CA




February: Countdown to Redwood City Grand Opening

Co-owners John and Goly Casey are excited to host their first meet-and-greet for prospective families at the Redwood City Library, Feb. 22 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm, for a brief presentation/Q&A featuring MUSE School CA’s Jeff & Rebecca. Pictured above is the school site, which is currently undergoing renovations – stay tuned for updates on construction progress, and follow along at @MUSEredwoodcity!

The Three Most Important Features in ECE Programs

We break down the most crucial aspects of a child’s early childhood education experience that will build a positive foundation for the rest of their lives. Read the full article here

MUSE School CA Culminations

MUSE School CA held culminations this month – an important component of MUSE Global’s education model wherein students hone in on their passions, showcase early learning progress, and build confidence and self-efficacy. Our early childhood classrooms, by which MUSE Global was founded, demonstrate a unique and innovative approach to culminating – from as young as age 2. We can’t wait to witness all the culminations to come at future MUSE Global schools!