During this period of COVID-19 and social distancing, many of us are taking time to look inward, reflect upon what matters to us, and find moments of joy within these times of challenge.

When presented with the opportunity to slow down, many of us are pondering: what actually makes us feel joyful and fulfilled? What constitutes a successful life? 

For the team at MUSE Global, we continue to find joy in our work, and our mission of re-shaping education as we know it. By creating a space for conscious, lifelong learning, the MUSE model uniquely equips children with the skills they need to thrive in our ever-evolving world; we all understand now, more than ever, how inherently complicated of a place it’s becoming. And, the current education systems in place will not be able to support future generations adequately, so they, too, must evolve. 

So, we’re sharing with you some ways in which we are finding joy in our process, and how we hope to share in this joy with our growing group of MUSE Global School franchisees, as we continue to expand our education system around the world. 

Joy in altruism

Simply put: doing good, feels good. And cultivating joy among others, particularly children, creates joy in the purest of forms. By pursuing a MUSE Global School franchise, owners are engaging in altruism towards children, families, and our planet – in a way that will impact the rest of their lives, and significantly contribute toward the advocacy, and protection, of the environment – through MUSE’s sustainability-focused curriculum. 

And through our child-centered, passion-based learning approach, MUSE Global School owners are bringing joy back into students’ learning process. For decades, so many children have viewed their schooling experience of one that’s siloed, rigid, and stressful – and our education experts have developed a thoughtful and innovative approach to education that combats these longstanding issues directly. MUSE students are intrinsically motivated, engaged, and happy with their schooling because they have a voice and a choice in their education. 

Joy in creating change

Many of us feel the weight of climate change on our shoulders, but sense that we, alone, are not able to make change. This is MUSE Global’s unique offering for franchisees – our proven model helps to shape future leaders so they are able to engage with the environment, and the issues it faces, in an informed, empowered way – and MUSE Global School owners are the conduit for this impactful and necessary shift. By arming children with the knowledge they need to combat the climate crisis, our franchisees are igniting this powerful change for generations to come. 

And, speaking of change: the world’s education system is undergoing a massive overhaul, as we speak; as schools around the world have closed and children are now home with their families for an indefinite period of time. These are the type of circumstances that MUSE’s model anitipates, and is prepared for – and our virtual learning program allows children to continue with their education from their homes, with ease and continuity. 

Joy in success 

At MUSE Global, we like to use the phrase ‘profit with purpose’ when referencing our franchise model. Our offering encompasses a proven education framework and turnkey school system that creates far-reaching impact on children and the planet, while also returning a profit to its owners. Our team created this venture to ensure that the opportunity was one that was lucrative for all MUSE Global School owners; making it a sound investment for those seeking to do good in the world, while ensuring security for their own families. 

As global citizens continue to grapple with new realities, so many of us are contemplating – what will life look like post-coronavirus, and what can we do, individually, to create a more conscious, joyful world? That’s our prerogative: to help people experience joy through changing education, and the way we interact with our planet. In doing so, we hope that we can inspire others to spark joy through opening a MUSE Global School of their own, creating a ripple effect in their communities, and the world. 

As we continue on through these uncertain times, many of us are faced with the question – what can we do now to ensure a better world for our children and future generations? With MUSE Global franchise opportunities, we offer an investment with purpose – here and now – and we’re eager to speak with prospective franchisees that are ready to make an impact through our proven model. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us at info@museglobal.org – we look forward to hearing from you.