MUSE’s Middle School curriculum for 7th to 8th grade is inspired from the students interests and passions

The core subjects of language arts, math, technology, science, social studies, visual and performing arts and music are integrated into a curricular framework that include passion-based projects. Students choose their project topics which are in-depth and interdisciplinary in nature and inspire them to engage in sophisticated research. We encourage students to use their community in authentic ways, through interviews, mentorships, and real-world experiences to deepen their understanding. Projects are presented to the community at the end of each semester.

Along with core academics, students also enjoy weekly enrichment courses in the areas of Music, Art, Maker, and Seed to Table Gardening, and Outdoor Education.

The MUSE Middle School education develops student’s understanding of global citizenship and encourages their ability to make a difference in their communities both at home and globally.


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