1. Initial Inquiry

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in learning more about the MUSE franchise opportunity you can request additional information by CLICKING HERE, or you can always click the “Contact Us” button at the top right of your screen.

Based on your location and ability to satisfy MUSE franchising requirements, one of our development professionals will reach out to schedule an initial call with you. You must also complete our initial application.

2. Initial Phone Call

The initial conversation will allow us to get to know each other better. Our development professional will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you determine if it makes sense to continue in your evaluation of the MUSE franchise opportunity. Additionally, we will have some simple questions for you. This is not a presentation, but an informal and friendly discussion to help us begin the process of determining the potential fit. To continue the process, the next step is to attend our informational webinar.

3. Webinar

We regularly host live webinars to present the details of the MUSE franchise opportunity and can entertain questions at the end of the presentation. This webinar is designed to give you a thorough outline, including: the history of MUSE and our founders, our business model, our ideal franchisee, our target markets, our initial investment requirements and an outline of the next steps.

At the conclusion of the webinar you are provided with an opportunity to schedule “next steps” conversations, should you believe that you are a fit as a MUSE franchise partner.

4. Post-Webinar Phone Call

This conversation will begin by resolving any questions you have that were not specifically addressed during the webinar, or perhaps you thought of some after the conclusion of the presentation. We will then review the next steps of the mutual evaluation, the most immediate being a review of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

5. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The FDD is an overview document that outlines the details of a franchise opportunity. You may only be evaluating MUSE Global at this time, or you may be looking at several concepts. You will find that this document is boilerplate, meaning it contains detailed information in a specific order, and each FDD follows an exact format. If you are a candidate in the United States, the FDD is regulated by at minimum the Federal Trade Commission, and in some cases must also meet the requirements of your specific state agency. If you are an International candidate, we will provide you with an FDD that meets any specific requirements your country has.

The FDD will always include an example of the Franchise Agreement you will be presented with, should you be awarded a MUSE Global franchise. You will be provided with information regarding all things that are required of a successful franchisee.

The FDD can be an overwhelming document for those that have never had to review one. Most are over 100 pages in length and are extremely granular. Don’t worry! Our development professional will help guide you through our FDD in appropriate steps. You are also encouraged to engage a franchise attorney if you wish.

Our development professional will speak with you as many times and for as long as is necessary to bring you to a place of complete comfort and understanding of our FDD.

6. Conversation with our CEO and/or CIO

Following a complete review of our Franchise Disclosure Document, you will have the opportunity to speak with our CEO Jeff King (also Head of MUSE School CA) and/or Chief Innovation Officer Rebecca Amis (also a co-founder of MUSE School CA). The purpose of this conversation will not be to answer questions regarding the FDD – those should have all been answered by this time. This conversation has a dual purpose. First, to allow you to understand what a “day in the life” of a franchisee will look like. Jeff and Rebecca both have first-hand experience with running and managing a MUSE School and will be very happy to share their experiences and answer any related questions for you. Additionally, they will simultaneously be evaluating you as a prospective franchisee. It is crucial that we only allow those prospects that are passionate and have the ability to be successful to continue to the final steps of our mutual evaluation.

7. Executive Packet

The next step in our process is to compile and submit a packet of information to our Executive Team. To prepare this packet, our development professional will work with you to obtain a credit check, asset verification, resume/CV, a description of why you are confident that you will be successful and happy as a MUSE Global franchisee, and any other items that would be helpful in presenting your candidacy to the team. Upon approval, you will receive an invitation to join us in California for a Discovery event.

Please note: if awarded a franchise, you should plan to execute a Franchise Agreement on the third day of your visit. You should not schedule your Discovery Event until you have made all necessary financial preparations and have already completed a review of the MUSE Global Franchise Agreement with a franchise attorney (if you so choose).

8. Discovery Event

Referred to by some franchise organizations as “a Discovery Day”, “Meet the Team Day”, or “Decision Day”, it is crucial that we take the time to allow you to meet with members of our team at HQ in person. Prior to your arrival, you should have a clear understanding of all the details of the MUSE Global franchise opportunity. You should expect to verify that MUSE is at least as good as you expect us to be, if not better! You should gain a confidence that our people are capable of supporting you with passion and energy, and working with you to ensure your success. You will be able to observe a classroom and our 5 pillars first-hand. You can ask questions of our teachers, support staff, and Executive Team. When completed, you will be able to say with complete confidence whether you think it’s the perfect fit for you.

Of course, we will be asking you questions as well to confirm you’re a great fit for us.

The Discovery Event lasts 1 full day and half of a second day. You are welcome to bring a partner, spouse, or another decision-maker with you, as long as they have also spoken with your development professional and are “on the same page”. We may host a Discovery Event just for your party, or you may be one of several candidate parties present. At the conclusion of the event, you will return to your hotel and the Executive Team will meet to discuss the candidacy of each attendee that has expressed an interest in continuing forward.

9. Awarding a Franchise

You will be contacted in the late afternoon or early evening of Day 2 and informed of the Executive Team’s decision. If the team decides you will be a great fit, you will be invited to return the next morning to execute your Franchise Agreement – at which time your initial fees will also be paid. Once these are complete, we will celebrate you becoming our newest franchisee together!

10. Returning Home

Once we’ve completed our celebration, you will return home with initial materials in-hand. Then the REAL fun begins…we begin preparations for opening your MUSE School!

  • You will begin working with a support specialist and going through a detailed project plan for opening your school. This will include starting a dialogue with a local commercial real estate expert to start to evaluate space options.
  • You will begin working with a marketing specialist and initiate a specific plan to market your new school in the community.

If you are interested in starting this process, please CLICK HERE to request a call or additional information.

Would you love to own a MUSE School?

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