College Students Reflecting On Their MUSE Education.

My MUSE education helped me immensely with college work. It was “the do-it-yourself” (ORP!) approach that allowed me to develop the skills I need in college. A lot of high schools focus on content, instead of the ability to acquire and process material—that’s what MUSE teaches, and I’m grateful!

Tania Pitzer College

MUSE’s small discussion-based classes helped me develop my critical thinking. In a more traditional school, you can get away with away with playing along and acting like you’ve done the reading, but at MUSE students are expected to be engaged. My time at MUSE taught me how to talk to people, how to listen, how to create a network of contacts, have well-formulated opinions and thoughts with evidence, and the ability to adapt to new and different experiences. Muse prepared me for the demanding work I’m encountering at College.

Ezekial Goucher College

At MUSE I always felt supported in who I am, and what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go. MUSE provides opportunities for kids to be themselves, and pushes them to be better. My time at MUSE stretched me educationally. Without the guidance of the faculty—both in and out of class—I would not be where I am, nor nearly as happy.

Elle Westmont College

Entering college I knew what I wanted to major in because I’d been allowed to explore my passions—education and gardening. MUSE equipped me with the critical thinking tools that will help me for the rest of my life.

Jessica University of Hawaii

MUSE teachers are the best. They let students be who they are, but also encourage them to push past fear of the unknown or of failing. MUSE asks you to be your best self but without the confines of a traditional authoritarian model. I came to college ready to explore my interests confidently and optimistically.

Josh New York University

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