The recent swarm of fires across the state of California have caused thousands to flee their homes, left 2 million without power, and exposed tens of millions of Californians to harmful smoke and airborne toxins – not to mention the insurmountable lost wages and revenues of those whose workplaces were forced to close. 

The immediate economic, physical, and environmental impacts are as evident as they are indisputable. And although the long-term effects are intangible, we now know, more than ever, that we are in the midst of a widespread climate crisis. With increasingly warm temperatures, earlier spring snowmelts, and exceedingly dry conditions throughout the state, California has witnessed a surge in wildfires – on a larger and more catastrophic scale than we’ve ever seen before. 

At a time where taking action is crucial, we’re all posed with the question of, ‘what can I do to help?’ By opening a MUSE Global School, franchise owners are empowered with an education model and embedded sustainability framework to actively tackle the urgent issues facing our planet and future generations, through the following proven measures and program features: 

Climate Crisis Curriculum 

At MUSE Global, we believe that providing thoughtful early childhood education on the state of our environment is imperative toward fostering the next generation of conscious global citizens. By teaching children to become sustainability natives, they become fluent in the language of eco-literacy. And through the school’s 100% plant-based model, Seed-To-Table program, field trips to upcycled and sustainable communities, and zero-waste policy, they are gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to go out into the world to serve as environmental champions. 

Later, our middle and high school students take climate crisis courses focused on topics including fundamental earth biology and chemistry; threats to the atmosphere, ocean, and earth; farming practices; aquaculture; public health and beyond. By the end of their MUSE education, students earn a MUSE Sustainability Certificate their senior year, solidifying their place in the world as an environmental champion. 

Measurable Sustainability Impact

Understanding our role within the greater environment is essential in making a lasting change in the way we all live and work – and that’s why all MUSE students are taught why the school follows the ‘One Meal a Day’ for the planet philosophy. They learn how vast the impact of this simple consumption change is, and that animal agriculture is the second largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. The students are able to quickly grasp that by eating just one plant-based meal per day, a person saves 194,667 gallons of water and 772 pounds of carbon emissions annually. Those are numbers we can all get behind. 

The students are also aware of how their school is constantly taking part in combating the climate crisis by adhering to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), utilizing solar panels to decrease energy use, practicing composting, and enforcing stringent no-single-use-plastic and non-toxic material product policies to eliminate waste and air toxin exposure. When it comes to education, knowledge is power – and this applies as much to environmental education as it does any form of academics. 

Fostering Changemakers 

By providing students with a sense of personal agency within the climate crisis, it enables them to go out into the world as beacons of hope and true environmental trailblazers. With the knowledge our students gain at MUSE, they innately become climate change spokespeople within their own communities – sharing with friends and family how we all can play a part in fighting the climate crisis. 

Later, our MUSE graduates go on to prestigious universities, internships, and careers, where they’re able to engage with the world from a place of empowerment and know-how. The green sector continues to expand at a rapid pace, and with that comes a high demand for environmental experts – a knowledge base that is ingrained within each MUSE student.

How to Get Involved Now 

By investing in a MUSE Global school franchise, you’re playing an active role in perpetuating widespread environmental knowledge that will directly impact the future of our children and the planet we love. With the current dire state of our climate, you can help our society take a crucial step forward by engaging in a sustainable business that arms future generations with the tools needed to ensure a better world. Instead of sitting back and watching fires take over, what if you created your own wildfire of positive environmental change? 


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