Our co-founders Rebecca Amis & Suzy Amis Cameron, pictured with MUSE Global’s first franchisees, John & Goly Casey.

Why own a MUSE Global School? We break down the reasons why our model is an ideal opportunity for those wishing to make a viable and impactful investment.

1 – Participate in Leading Innovation.

While, as a society, we’ve made incredible advances in technology, science, and beyond – there is so much innovation that’s yet to be carried out in the realm of education. That’s where MUSE Global comes in. With the established, antiquated education model failing so many students, we offer franchisees the opportunity to be a part of shifting the paradigm around what it means to be a student of the world.

2 – Engage in Entrepreneurship.

In the same vein of innovation comes entrepreneurship, and with entrepreneurship comes economic opportunity. Owning a MUSE Global franchise presents a lucrative business endeavor for its owners, while enabling them to make a positive, lasting impact on children and their futures. An investment in a MUSE Global school is an investment in your financial future, the future of our children, and that of our environment.

3 – Protect our Planet.

The science couldn’t be more clear – we are now in a massive climate crisis. Our model is not only focused on thoughtfully teaching children and families about our environment, its current state, and what they can do to protect it, but we also provide a framework for a completely sustainable, plant-based, zero-waste model that can be carried out in communities around the globe.

4 – Perpetuate Values of Self-Efficacy.

Research shows that a person’s belief in their ability to be successful directly correlates to their ultimate success in life, both in school and in a future career. Cultivating the skill of self-efficacy, which MUSE defines as “my belief in my ability to be successful by accessing my open, resourceful and persistent skill sets,” is crucial as we prepare children for this rapidly-evolving world we live in.

5 – Re-Shape Academics as we Know it.

Imagine a world in which children are wholeheartedly engaged and excited at school. That’s what MUSE Global stands for, and it equips its educators with the tools required to execute a passion-based learning model which wraps around core academics and developmentally appropriate standards. Through this approach, children learn curriculum through their innate interests, making them more present with the content they are presented with, and eager to learn more.

6 – Teach the Value of Constructive Communication.

We’ve all had an interaction with someone that goes awry within a split second, and ultimately tarnishes an experience or relationship. But – there’s a way to combat the pervasive issue of miscommunication that we’ve all been subjected to. Through Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model (PCM), teachers and students are given a framework by which they are able to identify others’ unique communication styles and personality types, and subsequently asses, connect, motivate, and resolve conflict. Teaching effective, productive communication skills is imperative – and a top priority for MUSE educators.

7 – Promote World Consciousness.

In a time in which we’re more digitally connected than ever, it at times can feel that we are increasingly more disconnected from ourselves, one another, and the planet. The MUSE framework fundamentally draws children, families, their environment, and greater communities back to one another, returning them to a collective sense of consciousness and awareness. Isn’t that something we could all use a bit more of, and raise our children around?

For more information on MUSE Global and to learn more about opening a school in your own community through our franchise model, please e-mail info@museglobal.org.