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Creating the Future

Happy, Healthy, and Confident Students

Innovating Education

Sustainability for Our Planet



Inspiring and preparing people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.

If you go to a good public school, you learn how to play the game.
If you go to a good private school, you learn how to win the game.
If you go to MUSE, you change the game.

-Parent of Two Children Attending MUSE

Would you love to own a MUSE School?

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#MyMUSEStory: Randi Kearney

#MyMUSEStory: Randi Kearney

We sat down with our Early Childhood Education Manager, Randi Kearney, to learn more about her MUSE story and role within the MUSE Global team as we begin to expand our operations. Randi has been with the MUSE family for five years, and was recently joined by her...